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So you think mobile food ordering is too expensive…


You have no doubt seen that most fast food services now offer mobile apps to allow their customers to order direct from their phones. In fact over half of all Dominos sales are now generated via their app.
With in app ordering, customers can view your menu, submit an order and make payment remotely. The order can then be delivered, or the customer can come in and pick it up.

If you’re a small cafe or restaurant, you may be worried how mobile ordering can fit into your business, whether you’re concerned that the costs may be high, that a mobile app might complicate things, or that your customers won’t use it.

Well good news!

The main reason for this is convenience. Instead of having to locate a menu, call in over the daily noise of your restaurant, and repeat credit card details, the customer now has an easy option.  Even if they’re out and about, they can check out your offerings, put in special requests easily, and click to send their order in. Mobile ordering also allows for favorite items to be saved, so orders can be submitted quickly. With people always short of time, waiting in a queue can be all it takes for them to skip your cafe and go to the next one.

This also saves your staff time as well.  There’s less time spent on the phone, and less time spent writing down orders.  You may also see an increase in order accuracy, since nothing is repeated over a bad phone connection, and instructions are recorded in order notes if there are special requests.
In addition to in app ordering, our apps have loads of other features that can benefit your business.  We won’t overwhelm you with a full list here, but with the ability to send push notifications to your customers regarding new promotions, offer mobile loyalty programs, and earn social referrals for your business, mobile apps can generate a ton of value for your business.

Is it hard to set up mobile ordering?
Not at all.  Cafe Apps are the experts and we can quickly create simple, and effective apps that your customers will love.  We take you through exactly how to manage you your app and how to make it a HUGE success.
It really is that simple.



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