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6 Essential Stats that Prove Having A Mobile App Is Right for You

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As a small business owner, it’s essential to retain the customers you have as attracting new customers costs nearly seven times the amount it does to retain an existing one. What’s also important is that your customers are 14 times more likely to purchase from you than a new customer.
Here are the facts:
  1. 86% of consumers indicate loyalty is primarily driven by likability and 83% of consumers say trust. (Rare)
  2. 47% of customers would change to a competitor within a day of encountering poor customer service. (24/7)
  3. 60% of mobile coupon users say they will “gladly switch brands to use a coupon” (GfK)
  4. Almost 30% of SMBs estimated that 71-90% of their customers visited more than once last year. (Belly)
  5. 32% of executives say retaining existing customers is a priority (Forbes)
  6. 66% of companies that saw a decrease in customer loyalty over the past year do not have a mobile app (Apptentive)
Building a successful business is a numbers game. So how do you get and keep more customers at lower costs?

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So you think mobile food ordering is too expensive…

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You have no doubt seen that most fast food services now offer mobile apps to allow their customers to order direct from their phones. In fact over half of all Dominos sales are now generated via their app.
With in app ordering, customers can view your menu, submit an order and make payment remotely. The order can then be delivered, or the customer can come in and pick it up.

If you’re a small cafe or restaurant, you may be worried how mobile ordering can fit into your business, whether you’re concerned that the costs may be high, that a mobile app might complicate things, or that your customers won’t use it.

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Restaurant Apps are Good for Business Owners & Customers

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Mobile ordering apps have changed the food delivery and pickup game for the better. With more and more retailers and restaurants adopting for these kinds of apps, consumers are placing fewer delivery and pickup orders over the phone and instead are opting to use a mobile app. Why? Because these mobile ordering apps offer a number of key benefits that more traditional methods of ordering over the phone or waiting in line cannot match.

Consumer Benefits of a Mobile Ordering App
Consumers are certainly downloading mobile ordering apps at lightning speed. When Chick-fil-A released its first app, it reached No. 1 in the app store during its first three days. These apps are popular for several reasons: Continue reading “Restaurant Apps are Good for Business Owners & Customers”

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