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Apps are very powerful platforms that enable a wide range of features to aid your customers experience and interaction with your business.

With an app, you are placing your business in your customers pocket or purse, ready to provide the information they are seeking, or to communicate your latest offer 24 hours, 7 days a week! Your customers will love being able to make a booking, receive a special offer, order and pay for their coffee or food, stamp their loyalty card or just simply contact you at the touch of a button. Online ordering is a major growth opportunity for many cafes and restaurants. Apps promote your business without taking all the profit in high per order commission charges, and they don’t list your business next to everyone of your local competitors


Loyalty programs have been proven to increase repeat customers by over 60%. Leave old fashioned printed cards behind and let your customers keep their rewards in their phone with our market leading rewards programs. So simple to use – set up a rewards program for your business in just seconds.

  • Reward your repeat customers
  • Encourage customers to visit again
  • Customise stamp requirements
  • Determine the number of visits for each reward level
  • Simple or multi level rewards


Let your customers order and pay for anything anytime directly from the app. Orders come direct to you for easy processing. No middle man commissions make it the fastest way to add profitable sales to your business.

  • Receive orders and payments
  • Have a copy of the order print directly to the kitchens
  • Up-sell additional items
  • Include images and optional extras
  • Set lead times, delivery fees or minimum spends
  • Cash or credit card acceptance.


Get creative with coupons and encourage customers back into the store with our scanable QR feature. Create a coupon for when you are quiet, send it out via a push notification and watch the customer’s line up.

  • Design or create your own promotions
  • Send a Birthday reward
  • Target everyone or just people passing by
  • Easy to set redemption criteria
  • Drive sales with easy in-store redemption


The most powerful customer engagement tool available. Send offers or information direct to your customers instantly using Push Technology. Or create a virtual fence around your store so when clients are passing by they get a great reminder of today’s instore specials. Our push technology is cutting edge and incredibly powerful for growing your business.

  • Send messages within seconds
  • Send coupons or offers direct to your customers phone
  • Create pop up messages when clients pass nearby
  • Target everyone, individuals or just people nearby


Booking systems allow clients to view and book availability. They make it easy for customers to make cancellations and save you time and money in no shows. Making bookings available for your customers on the run is just good service!

  • View all bookings
  • Receive payments or deposits
  • Allow changes or cancellations
  • Free up time from the phones


Create contact forms, membership forms, surveys, or just general enquiry forms. Our in app form builder allows you to create the form you want in seconds.

  • Contact Forms
  • Surveys, competition entries, catering requests… any sort of form
  • Integrate with Mailchimp, iContact, Constant Contact and other email
  • programs


Make sure your customers can get in touch with you quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Each app will provide step by step GPS directions right to your door.  Multi sites are easily catered for.

  • One touch dialing
  • GPS turn by turn directions from anywhere
  • Show opening hours
  • Multi store locations


The multi-functional info feature is our resident chameleon. Design, revise, tack on, take off—it’s a structural do-it-all that lets you present whatever content in whatever way you’d like.

  • Single, Double or Triple drop down menus
  • Upload images, links or embed code
  • Easily add new features
  • Display PDF Documents


Grow your business by leveraging your greatest asset – your customers. Our apps link across social media platforms allowing your customers to tell their friends how awesome you are!

  • Easy tap app sharing
  • Coupon redemption sharing
  • Social login and viewable interactions
  • Use your app as a company card – simply hit share
  • Reward customers for sharing